Location Data Policy

Policy Title: Location Data
Department: Business Operations
Last updated: 08 November 16, 10:38:15 AM
Contact Centre: 1-888-988-1099

  1. The use of an account simplifies the logistics and transaction process and permits transparency throughout the web and mobile application (referred to collectively as “The App”).

    Personal Information
    Personal information collected through the App is used by Go99™ and its service providers to manage accounts and process orders and related transactions. Go99™ does not disclose the personal information with third parties, except for disclosures required to process orders and transactions through the App and as otherwise permitted by applicable law.
    Go99™ utilizes best-in-class location services for mobile users and presents real-time data to users during their business operations (each transaction is identified uniquely) and records and transfers the data to the user’s account on the Go99™ App.

  2. Data Collected
    Go99™ collects the following kinds of data:
    • Location (Longitude & Latitude)
    The Go99™ App also collects additional data (e.g. date, time, firmware version) to assist data processing.

  3. When data is collected
    Go99™ begins collecting data as soon as the device receives a GPS fix or location fix. When the user is expected to pick up a load, Go99™ will search for a location fix and start collecting location data. Once the receiver has signed off and the driver completed the transaction in the App, Go99™ will stop collecting location data.

  4. How data is stored
    The Go99™ App collects data in a proprietary format, on cloud servers.

  5. User control
    Users can register to have their account deleted and made inactive at any time by contacting our operations Contact Centre or through the App.

  6. Security
    Go99™ uses industry standard technologies (including the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol and data encryption) to protect data communications with the Go99™ systems and the App.

  7. Data Retention
    Go99™ keeps information regarding the App transactions only for as long as the information is reasonably required for legitimate business purposes and for legal compliance purposes. Go99™ then either securely deletes information or removes all personally identifiable information to anonymize the information.

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